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The impact of elearning on education - Alshehri, Bowen and Davies

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Group: Abdulhalim Alshehri, Nicky Bowen and Helen Davies


Initial ideas stemmed from a lecture given by George Siemens to the University of Victoria in 2013 on current trends in education, with specific focus on distance education developments in higher education.  The lecture can be viewed via YouTube at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=5qgntB2YEUI.


Following the development of a mind map to clarify ideas and agree what should remain out-of-scope, the decision was reached to lend our focus to three ‘stakeholders’ impacted by e-learning, as follows:


  1. Students;
  2. Teachers;
  3.  Institutions. 


The link to our document is here: The impact of elearning on education - Alshehri, Bowen and Davies.docx


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