Tool reviews -- 2013

neuroLanguage Practice Player


A very useful language learning tool that focuses on improving learners pronunciation and oral skills.  The program provides a native speaker model and allows the learner to record his voice and compare it to the model and get instant feedback.


Ayman Gad







Review of Doceri, a useful teaching and learning app commonly used for the iPad. It functions as an interactive keyboard which allows users to create screencasts.




This Prezi will give you brief information about how I used VoiceThread to teach academic writing to my nursing students.


Rubina Sultan





A short video about how to create a learning session with the help of EdCanvas


Jelena Kuzmenko





Brad Daniels


I am loading a powerpoint file called SKYPE Web tool to the Wiki. It's a short presentation about the features of this software that can support online tutoring and small group work.





A short presentation about an online learning website that incluse hundreds of courses

Zainab Al-Shidhani


A brief presentation on the affordances of for recording and sharing presentations in online education.


Apologies for the echo in the video.

Jing wouldn't work on my laptop so I had to do the recording using Camtasia in the Multimedia Lab.


Charikleia Vareli

What follows is a collection of tool reviews for online teaching and learning produced in 2013.



Please simply add your reviews in a sequence. Put the name of the tool and a short introduction, insert the file, or put a link to the relevant resource, then put your name afterwards. See the submissions below:



A learning management system. Because of its simplicity and its environment which looks like 'Facebook' it is easy to use it in  a classroom.


Pinelopi Athanasakou



Google Drive 


Review of Google Drive tool for self-marking placement test for learners of English as second language


Altynay Smith

Saba Centra®


This video is our review of the Synchronous learning and Web-conferencing tool (Centra)


The link to the Video: 


Hanan Oraby  &  Marwa El Deeb





The following video is an explanation about EdCanvas: I love that tool!!!








The following video is my review of a new online learning tool called Nearpod that I am currently trialling in MBS.


Andrew Wilson

This is a review of Voxopop's online audio message board tool. Apologies if it takes a little while to load.


J Paul Marshall




Here is a review of Mendeley reference manager for use in online teaching and learning.


Antony Rivers




Incorporating VoiceThread into an online IELTS course to prepare for speaking sub-task 2. 


Richard Gallahad



The Sloodle open source e-learning software enables interoperability between Second Life or OpenSim and Moodle, facilitating the interaction between the two environments.


Alessandra Argenti 




Here is my review of VoiceThread, online tool for collaborative commenting on photos, videos and so on. 

Some initial inspiration was taken from

The reference to Salmon refers to  Salmon, G. (2003). E-moderating: The Key to Teaching and Learning Online. Taylor & Francis. Oxon.


Nick Kiley


Li Fan

Here is my brief review of ibooks ( 5'23' ') which I think it is a good way of designing textbooks. The textbook can be treated as open educational resource in online context



Snag-it and Camtasia

Here is my review of Snag-it and Camtasia, tools to make and edit videos for use with learners.


Suzanne Kamal


TedEd find & flip website


A review of the TedEd find & flip website, which allows users to flip any YouTube or Ted video into a lesson, by adding questions, further reading and discussions.


Link -


Michael Masterman  


Here is a review of, which basically allows you to present yourself either socially or professionally and present your ideas on documents / slides that you have uploaded and then share them in a variety of ways.

 I look at the use of this tool  in online teaching and learning and in my context online English language courses. Before you click on the link to watch it, just a couple of suggestions to enhance your viewing experience J . It is best viewed in full-screen mode and in full-screen mode you can maximise the content window in the bottom right of the toolbar if you wish to.


Rolf Donald




This is a review of Animoto, an online video processing tool for generating slide-based video presentations.


Susan Johnson 


This is Review of, an e-learning platform which I used for online Chinese teaching.  I created in Prezi and make it as Prezi Cast. 


Please access to the prezicast here:


Chen Hao Chen



This is a review of an online curation tool called Scoop it. This website (also available as mobile apps) lets you create an online magazine about any topic you like that you can share it with others. It is basically free with an option for paid features.


Click here for the presentation


Mawaheb Khojah



Google Blogger


Hardly exotic I know, but I like it. A short review of its simple but effective use in classes of students of English as L2.

The process- and product-based approaches to writing briefly mentioned here are from Ken Hyland, Teaching and Researching: Writing. Harlow: Longman (2002)


Dominic Kauffman





The following presentation is about how I use facebook with my students. I have done it in prezi (just press the forward arrow to go to the next slide). Slide contain links that will redirect you to screencast videos.

Here's prezi link:

Maja Balcerzyk



Here's my presentation on Evernote.


Janesh Sanzgiri


Drop Box


A review of dropbox.


Aisha Khan




Haiku is a Learning Management system and I find it very interesting and quite easy to use. Please find below a link to my Vimeo presentation of review of this tool


Muhammad Irshad Barkat






PlanBoard is the online lesson plan software specially designed for teachers to plan, edit and store their teaching plan.


Qian wang



Second Life


The following video is my review of Second Life as a tool for learning and teaching.


Moammar Alzahrani



Padlet (Wallwisher)


This is my review of Padlet (ex-Wallwisher), an online collaborative wall.


Junior Koch

Google Docs Documents 


This is a review of Google Docs Documents.





An interactive way to create online posters for educational purposes.

Patricia Nicoli


This is my review of Scribblar- an interactive whiteboard that allows for online collaboration.


Didem Yesil





This is my review of SurveyMonkey on Padlet






A review of Jing