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Starting out Part 4

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Getting to know colleagues



The course unit brings together within one study group participants studying at distance and onsite in Manchester; and from different courses in the School of Education. The group is, therefore, made up some of you onsite in Manchester in your second semester of full or part-time study; some of you at distance in your first/ second year of study. So whilst some of you will know some others on the course, there will be new colleagues to get to know. But in the spirit of 'six degrees of separation' (or 'it's a small world' .....), it is amazing what common ground there often is in the group:-)


This task, therefore, is a socialisation one. We challenge you to find connections!




Task 2 : Six degrees of separation


If you want to check out the theory of 'six degrees of separation', see: http://www.guardian.co.uk/technology/2008/aug/03/internet.email


We're not sure you'll find five people between yourselves and shared acquaintances, but you may find other 'coincidences'. Once there is a full classlist, we will pair you up with 1-2 other people on the course, whom we believe you won't know. Those pairings will be posted in the Canvas Discussion Forums.


  • Your task will be to arrange to meet synchronously (preferably) to get to know each other and look for those connections.
  • As you're chatting, share any experiences you've had of distance and/or online learning, and your expectations for this course.
  • You'll find a thread ready for your connections and we'll talk about some of the issues raised when we meet up for the first class synchronous meetings.


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